The difference between today and tomorrow

At EBBEN we make the distinction between Today & Tomorrow

EBBEN Today is for those issues that are better tackled or resolved today rather than tomorrow. We are immediately available for organizations that are being confronted with urgent situations that can have direct consequences for their continuity or reputation. We ensure overview, peace and minimize the risks.

We are also there for important but less urgent issues. Issues that have an impact on continuity in the medium and long term. We provide solutions and together with you ensure that you are and remain in control. With this we create the space to think about the issues of tomorrow.

Immediately available to assist with urgent matters
Providing the answers to the questions of tomorrow
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About Us

We are a compact organization of professionals with a wide network of assistants to deploy

EBBEN Partners brings accountants, consultants, legal and IT specialists together to address your issue quickly, professionally and to the point.

From our offices in Hilversum and Brussels, we carry out research and advice assignments in the areas of governance, risk and compliance with multidisciplinary teams, with a specialization in fraud investigations and integrity advice.

EBBEN Partners’ client base includes law firms, financial institutions, housing associations, healthcare and educational institutions, commercial real estate companies and large, often listed companies.

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