EBBEN stops the clock when it is five to twelve for your company. EBBEN takes immediate action that is necessary to enable you to continue your business activities in a responsible manner.

Entrepreneurs are sometimes confronted with acute problems where there is a need for an experienced specialist who can support them. For example, to get a delay if a (tax) bailiff is preparing a foreclosure sale or to defuse a high-rise conflict with an important client or expensive employee.

We also support the entrepreneur in the event of an unforeseen setback, strong growth or a liquidity problem. We often succeed in creating (financial) space for future-proof business. EBBEN enjoys the confidence of outsiders: If EBBEN provides support, they give the company another chance.

To prevent costs being incurred that cannot be recovered, EBBEN uses a phased approach.

Phase 1: Inventory
In the first phase, important information about the company, the parties involved and any debts is collected. EBBEN performs a background investigation of the most important parties. Also to the ordering entrepreneur. EBBEN only works for honest entrepreneurs. That is why the outsiders, when engaging EBBEN, keep faith in a good outcome.

After completing this phase – which we carry out for a fixed fee – we issue an advice in which we describe the options of the entrepreneur, as well as a plan of action with a budget including our estimate of success.

Phase 2: Legal and financial preparation
In the second phase – in accordance with the previously made budget – research is carried out and the legal and financial possibilities are explored and brought into action. At the end of this phase, everything is ready to carry out the turn around.

Phase 3: Implementation
In this phase, EBBEN supports the entrepreneur: advises, conducts discussions with the major financiers and creditors, acts as a point of contact and adjusts the budgets if there is reason to do so.

As soon as the company returns to calm waters, EBBEN will withdraw. This is usually done gradually. If the involvement of EBBEN stops before the fairway is calm, EBBEN informs the financiers and creditors involved. After all, their cooperation was based on the confidence that EBBEN would pilot the ship in calm waters.

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