Mediation is an efficient form of dispute resolution by and for parties that attach importance to a sustainable partnership. Under the guidance of a mediator, the parties search for an acceptable solution for all parties involved. This is often less drastic than a step towards the judge and is usually concluded within a number of weeks or, at most, a few months. The mediator is merely the facilitator in this situation, and with the thought that ‘client knows best’, does not propose any solutions himself.

Participation in mediation is voluntary, however, it is not without obligation. Parties need to be willing to work together to find a solution. Anyone present at the mediation must handle the content of the negotiations with confidentiality. The arrangements will then be put on paper in an agreement.

EBBEN Partners has various fields of specialization, such as the construction and real estate sector.


Due to its independent position, EBBEN Partners is often asked to act a court expert. Below are some examples of investigation topics that are often presented to the experts at EBBEN Partners:

  • Compliance with accounting law;
  • Asset valuation in partition of estates;
  • Economic analysis and investigation of damage claims;
  • Investigation into the accuracy and completeness of commission fees;
  • Investigation into the actions or omissions of management and directors in correspondence to liability procedures;
  • Assessment of the work undertaken by statutory auditors.

Though a final product can be put together in the form of a report that explains our findings, it is also possible that we “only” serve as a sounding board, or verbally provide our advice.


EBBEN Partners can be appointed as arbitrator (legally binding) in litigation. The parties involved in the dispute are hereby jointly the client of EBBEN Partners. The dispute will get discussed, after which the cases to be investigated will be determined and recorded. The parties will be heard separately. EBBEN Partners will present the findings in a draft report to which the parties can then respond. In this manner we handle with due care which is of extreme importance in these kinds of investigations.


In case of (complex) financial issues in bankruptcy filings EBBEN Partners can provide support to liquidators (receivers). EBBEN Partners can support the liquidator as though he were the liquidator’s assistant. Targeted surveys or quick scans can be used to identify whether additional investigative procedures would be of use. In the event that arrangements of this kind have been made, EBBEN Partners will report the findings in the form of – confidential – case notes.


Sometimes with important decisions, you may feel the need for a second opinion, or you may perhaps doubt the reports of an expert. In such cases EBBEN Partners can provide the required comfort. With a combination of areas of expertise, EBBEN Partners is able to evaluate your problem and to critically analyze and comment upon reports from other experts. Particularly in complex cases, an experienced advisor earns fees back when he can successfully challenge methodologies applied and assumptions made by other experts.


EBBEN is the specialist in complex business debt collection and asset tracing. EBBEN performs both nationally and internationally in direct debits and trade disputes. We identify assets and take the necessary action to collect your claims or assist you in resolving business conflicts.

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